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    Shaping Futures Through Knowledge Exchange

    Jabalpur Management Association (JMA), established in 2008 in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India, is a dynamic society registered under the Society Acts. Dedicated to promoting knowledge exchange, JMA serves as a hub for sharing insights and technologies among academicians and industry practitioners across diverse disciplines and sectors.


Our vision is to be a leading association that bridges the gap between academia and industry. We aim to empower our members with cutting-edge knowledge and practices, enabling them to contribute significantly to their respective fields and society at large.

Knowledge Exchange Hub

JMA stands out as a dynamic platform for exchanging insights and technologies. It brings together academicians and industry practitioners, facilitating a rich dialogue across various disciplines and sectors. This role underscores JMA's commitment to fostering a community where diverse perspectives and expertise converge.

Commitment to Collaborative Learning:

The mission of JMA emphasizes enhancing collaborative learning and professional development across industries and academic fields. By prioritizing an inclusive environment where ideas and practices are exchanged, JMA fosters innovation and growth, demonstrating its dedication to evolving education and industry practices.

Bridging Academia and Industry:

JMA's vision is to be a leading association that effectively bridges the gap between academia and industry. It aims to empower its members with the latest knowledge and practices, enabling significant contributions to their fields and society. This vision highlights JMA's focus on not just knowledge dissemination but also practical application, benefiting both academic and industrial sectors.

General information about our Conclave

The Jabalpur Management Association (JMA) organizes weekly conclaves that serve as a platform for knowledge sharing and networking. These sessions feature expert speakers from various fields who provide insights on current trends and best practices. Business professionals and academicians come together to share information and discuss relevant topics. These conclaves are a valuable opportunity for members to gain new perspectives, stay updated with industry developments, and engage in meaningful dialogue with peers and experts.

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To enhance your management skills and increase profitability, consider reaching out to the Jabalpur Management Association (JMA). They specialize in providing resources and platforms for professional development in management and business practices.

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